Oh…have I been neglectful? Yeah. But here’s a super-long post to make up for it.

Okay, so, as I predicted in the beginning, I figured I’d be really gung-ho at updating for a while then get really bad at updating. This has, unsurprisingly, come true. I tried to start an instagram thingy, but I didn’t succeed. So, now I’ll try to update with several things that have happened over the past month…oh, jeez…the last two months:

IMG_9370.jpgOoh…a little pond with a little island for us to destroy and/or poop on!

Since hubby built that, the chickens have successfully dumped more dirt in the little pond than would ever be expected. But, we’ve also grown some giant goldfish. Hope to get pics.

Not chicken related, but, damn, that’s a cute doggie (Shout out to my parents’ Westie Bridget):IMG_9394.jpg


Pics of alternate chicken diapers that were also unsuccessful:5F0A30E3-693A-4C69-87F5-61DF49F9A979.jpg


Learning that the chickens prefer roosting to coop (surprisingly, this is a night picture, but our garage security light was that bright):IMG_9401.jpg


What the…what the…what the hell is that?? Some kind of gross shell-less alien egg bits! Ewwwwwwww. So, there it is.IMG_9411.jpgOh, and, apparently it’s Mardi Gras! (per the napkin)


Oh, yeah…brought Comet inside for the first time. She seemed like she needed a bath. IMG_9413.jpg

She was not as cool with the cats as Buffy was. Ah…Buffy…I miss you. I hope your caretakers are doing right by you.IMG_9420.jpg



Awww…look…Jeff has made a chicken planter!IMG_9467.jpg


Chicken vs Shrimp:IMG_9485.jpgChicken wins. Of course.


What the heck, why do you get the shrimp?IMG_9486.jpg


Night Laser Chickens!IMG_9490.jpg


Earlier promised pics of pond goldfish that started out half-pinky sized and are now koi-ish:IMG_9511.jpg


MMMM…dirt bath!IMG_9526.jpg


Double dirt bath!IMG_9535.jpg


AND, In Conclusion: The Awesome Tiki Chickens!!!!IMG_9550.jpg

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