Semi break in the action

So many things have been going on from a yard and chicken perspective, that I certainly owe a post.

First…the semi break…not a full break, but interesting sorta broken chicken egg. Comet went through a phase of weird eggs.

The first one is a soft shell. She squirted it out but there wasn’t enough calcium in the shell to keep it intact, so we had weird rubbery shell and yolk and white pooped out into the yard. The second two pics are one egg that came out scratched and crackly. The pic just shows the unsmooth edge of where I figure it was a little soft coming out of the cloaca..seems like there must be some twisting/corkscrewing as it comes out. The last one was just so long and skinny compared with the rest of the eggs.

For the first month or so, I was in awe of how uniform all of the eggs came out. Now I’m in awe of their diversity.

One thought on “Semi break in the action

  1. I was watching a show about a vet, Dr.K, and she treats chickens. Make sure the ladies keep laying….a stuck egg is not nice….but I wonder if they perhaps need more calcium? Mind you, I’m giving you advice form watching a tv show, and you are a real doctor and have cared for chickens for a bit now. Also I found it lovely that people bring their pet chickens into the vet…


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