I gotta be free!

So, it’s been a tough road with the current chickens. Not that they can’t cross the road, clearly Flora has that inherent chicken skill. Though I don’t know why she does. But these are like indoor vs outdoor cats; they’re backyard vs full free range chickens. Not really farm animals, but more weirdo emotional attachment than a goldfish (sorry all you nifty goldfish). But, since Flora proved her ability to fly over the fence, the street, and into a neighbor’s yard and tried to evade capture up on their roof, I knew she was going to be relegated to the coop/run rather than the rest of the yard for the foreseeable future. Especially with Monarch continuing to be a big bully.
so, Flora has mostly been in the (adequately spacious coop/run) predator/escape/bully free environment for several months and I just wanted to give her more yard freedom. Bully chicken is off  in her own space I have chicken catcher at hand.

It might be a fish catcher

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