What can the chickens tolerate and what might kill them? Apparently they thrive in the tropics and hearty through in the frozen north. It took me a while to be comfortable enough to let them stay outside when it was cold, but they seemed nonplussed. Trying to dry them off was only semi-successful. And only with Beaker. Comet would have none of it.


And, really, that was the only opportunity for chicken drying.

With chickens looking like this, there is serious guilt building.


And it was a cold, unpleasant rain. I read that if you could feel their skin under the feathers, you ‘d find them to be surprisingly dry, but I still wasn’t convinced. Didn’t have a good way to bring them inside, but the garage is still there. The original home of Buffy. The place Jeff put her in when even he wasn’t tough enough to let her stay out in the snowy snow.


Two chickens, two cars, one camper trailer in one 1.5 car garage.

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