The pause…and the run.

Well, the chickens have all been homed. We now have two rescued chickens from Chicago Chicken Rescue, our neighbors have original Buffy love chicken. We have turned 1 un-homed chicken in to 4 homed chickens. We, with our two random chickens. Neighbors with Buffy and a newly adopted rooster.

I’m in the middle of regaling my co-workers with the weekend’s chicken experiences. *Ding Ding* A text comes through. From Jeff: “Well, we’ve got a Chicken problem.” My heart skipped several beats.            Me: “What now?”unnamed

Comet, the one I thought of as docile and maybe a bit enfeebled, had jumped the fence and took off down the street. Remember that rooster our neighbors had adopted? Well, he started a-cock-a-doodle-dooing. Sweet serenade to Comet’s ears, we suspect.

We live on an eccentric plot, with our house placed on a triangular space between two streets and an alley. It’s our own little urban island surrounded by concrete rivers.

Well, Comet apparently drew Jeff in a merry chase around the triangle twice, before she stopped teasing him and just jumped back into our backyard.

Now time for more yard work. That rooster’s not going to give up at tempting our fluffy hens.

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